Dan asked for ideas for lspeed. It will automatically cap the off screen speeds to Mhz, and if your min freq is higher than mhz, it will reset the min to mhz while screen is off and restore it upon screen awakening, and still scale accordingly to conservatives laws. Also, will this kernel work on Official CM Lionfish The Lionfish governor combines traits of the conservative, ondemand, and interactive governors. MPDecision is much more aggressive in terms of changing CPU frequency automatically goes to when input is detected. It’s horrible when WiFi is enabled and I listen to bluetooth audio. On first run, there was an error on this line:.

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But also acts like hotplug due to it shutting off a core. Alastal 1 August at Let ihtelliplug know what you think of the new GPU changes! Down threshold frequency to turn third core Off, when some other conditions is also met.

The higher the value the less samples per second it runs. I’ve added a mirror of the Geehrc versions, hope that is okay.

SKZ Custom Kernel for Dirty Unicorns

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Hi guys, I’m new to android and I just flash a cook rom with custom kernel to my phone. It has more optimizations for Snapdragon 80x processors.


It is a popular choice inntelliplug many users. Are you a developer? Boostactive Based on Interactive but with cpu frequency boosting capabilities. I am sure the speeds are set that way as a precaution to make it work in all the HP Touchpad, as not all of them can maintain a lower speed of and a high speed of Submit a new text post. By faust93Senior Member on 15th November This governor was created by zparallax.

When there are enough votes to change the frequency, it is ramped up and down gradually. Unlike normal CPU governors that rely on a sampling-based approach to consider cpu hotlpug, sched-DVFS uses scheduler task utilization tracking which provides smoother scaling and better response to changing CPU load. It responds quickly to heavy loads similar to ondemand and interactive while staying within the region intellipluf optimal CPU performance per watt.

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Adding a hotplug alternative or option to a kernel | thealaskalinuxuser

Thereafter, scaling up is less aggressive. Normally, I would think it needs that, but in this case it still works okay. P gonna do a full overview tomorrow. Zeneractive This new “zeneractive” governor is based on interactive. The same is use in some V8 engines, two cylinders intelloplug disable at some times to save gas, but doing the same to a inelliplug cylinder engine and disabling cylinders you are creating more issues than saving gas.


Also have no idea about 2-way record, sry. That means it’s settings are dynamic always changing and not static not changing. It originated from Eliminater74’s Nebula kernel and was a popular choice prior to the introduction of EAS scheduling to the kernel. Frankenstein Based on interactive with hotplugging, it is a performance oriented governor but aims to save battery when screen is off. Also calling with bluetooth gives a muted call after the screen goes off after some seconds.


I have found out that using the hotplug feature is not a power saver, but a system that is unstable that can freeze at any moment. Hotpplug in or sign up in seconds. This is the frequency that you CPU jumps to when touching screen. Thanks for your work Chet!!