Handlebar placement is good, as well; your hands rest comfortably on the pulled-back grips to create an almost-vertical upper torso. On a brief freeway stint, I felt no helmet buffeting and discovered that the laid-back riding position worked well in that generous still-air pocket. So Honda is going down a route to actively try and In Drive mode, you can turn your brain off and ride the bike like a scooter and let it make the decisions. Technically, it’s not really “half a Fit” engine, but the CTX’s laydown mill definitely borrows from Honda’s auto tech. Rigid tube steel diamond. And a full range of Honda Genuine Accessories lets you set it up with saddlebags, backrests and just about any other touring- or comfort-related feature you could ever want.

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Best of all, you can get the CTX in two versions: Hey, it’s like a miniature F6B!

2014 Honda CTX | First Ride

On the DCT model, you can manually shift via these buttons or a prehensile foot shift lever. Nor can you turn off the ABS. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram pinterest youTube rss. This issue is probably not a deal-killer for the intended audience, but the chassis is good enough to take things further with a bit more daylight beneath the pegs. A taller accessory screen improves the CTX’s already good highway comfort. Our CTX series—with bikes like the CTX—are a perfect example of Honda innovating and moving forward when everyone else is standing still.


In theory, the more DCT machines it sells, the smaller the upcharge can be. The non-adjustable suspension has more travel than your typical cruiser’s. Not all bikes are intended for a seasoned, possibly jaded, motorcyclist like you. The braking system is comprised of a mm single disc up front and a mm disc at the rear.

Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. One answer was the NCX, a super-tame, amazingly efficient machine based on clever but inexpensive technologies.

Who would have guessed that the CTX would handle this well? The rest of us want our bikes to offer a wide range of ability, to be as much fun on a leisurely boulevard cruise as on a weekend-long trip. To be fair, there is far more lean-angle afforded than a bike like this typically would deliver.

They work well but as this bike is aimed at the novice rider we would have liked to see more confidence inspiring twin discs on the front particularly for a bike that weighs in around lbs.

The two-cylinder format produces tons of low- and mid-range torque, and the degree-phase crank and uniaxial primary balancer make it smooth, too.

In conventional form with the clutch lever, the CTX is simple to ride and it took just a matter of minutes to get to grips with it. Honda also believes the clutch lever on motorcycles maybe coming to an end. For a few years now, the auto industry has been offering paddle shift and dual clutches but the early systems were jerky and were forever hunting for the correct gear to match the engine speed.


So Honda is going down a route to actively try and encourage novice riders into the motorcycle world with the launch of its Honda CTX range.

Bottom line on the CTX twins, then: The cast wheels are light and strong, too. But that fairing is a great choice for commuters on chilly mornings too—this is a bike that can really do it all. Full-Coverage Fairing With its full-coverage fairing and windscreen, the CTX really adds to your comfort on long trips.

Honda has hit the nail firmly on the head by offering the CTX as a non-threatening, fun motorcycle for a novice rider. Like the chassis that accommodates such a broad range of rider skillsets, the engine provides a wide swath of performance.

The fairing also allows you to add accessory speakers xtx you can take your tunes with you.

RideApart Review: Honda CTX

At all speeds the CTX gives a sensation of being solid and secure. Two primary versions of the CTX are available: Suspension is provided by a 41mm fork offering 4.

If you want a more sporting ride you cttx also shift up and down with buttons mounted on the left side of the handlebars.

Why all the talk about the NC?