Like Strong- bow, Fitzhamon left only a daughter, and she became the wife of the bravest and ablest of Henry I’s bastard- sons, Robert, to whom she brought as her portion both her father’s original lordship of Gloucester and his new Welsh possession of Glamorgan. Giraldus speaks of an eagle that visited Snowdon ; and his resting on a certain stone, the Archdeacon tells us, presaged war and carnage. This external similarity, however, is not sufficient, and the time and dialect of hoth forms must be considered. Like remains are found in other Welsh counties — for instance, in Carnarvonshire ; but Camden makes no mention of them when he treats of the latter county. We may add that in some cases they preserve, not only the correcter read- ings, but the more archaic Welah forms. The iclentity of form between it and the word for Irishmen is only accidental The common noun gwyddel, which is no longer in use, means a brake or bush. The stock “antiquaries’ form”, Eliseg, can only arise from someone’s having misread on the Valle Crucis pillar erected to Elisse’s memory a ” Hiberno-Saxon” t as the very similar g, The final letter of the name was more regularly written d, as in Nos.

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Bnt it is also written in texts intended to represent the colloquial Language in tlie Dimetian parts of South-Wales. Bellura cant uit eum. For the best account of early Glamorgan and its lords, cerioo Mr. But if we recall “a dywed- adoed”,MS.

VII, 4 Map was written at tho beginnings of these three lines in its proper column, and then erased. I will make a few extracts from Sir John Wynne and Pennant to show that the conntiy was ouce a huge forest.

Prohably t was the word as originally written.

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Apparently the Register could not have contained any general sketch of that event, the main import- ance of which, in the eyes of the monks, seems to have been its effect in bringing about the foundation and subsequent endowments of the abbey. Thus, in a poera ascribed to Merfyn, who is said to have flourished in the sixth century, but whose evidence would be equally good had he lived several centuries nearer our days, is an allusion to the oaks of Snowdon, thus: From his seat of government at Cardiff, the lord of Glamorgan exercised an almost regal sway over his Welsh and English tenants.


He tells us that ecrio lived ” within two bowe Shootes of the port-way”, or ancient highroad across the county, and from his uw-20n0-pro booke” and other sources we know that his residence was at Cottrell. For we must not suppose such barbarous Monuments can be so late as the end of the sixth Century ; about which time the Irish Commander Sirigi is said to have been slain by Kasioalhawn law hir i.

This Welsh sentence means: So in Y Tyw.

Let us now turn to another aspect — the general prevalence of the tem in each and every age, its lateral extension, so to epeak, as distinguished from its vertical extension through time.

From the names of places along the Snowdon range of mountains it becomes a certainty that all those parts were once wooded, though at present nothing can be discovered of the ancient lnxuriant forests but their names. The imperative dos is proved by the Corn. Evans’s most interesting remark is: The exact agreement of Cyngen ab Cadell’s pedigree up to Gwylog or Gwyllog?

Seiff, from sefyll, sefyd, is caused by the coexistence of caffaf and cafaf. For such work a training is needed which is still beyond the reach of most Welsh students; but every educated Welsh-speaking man resident in Wales may contribute a stock of facts on dialectal points for which philology will be exceedingly grateful. Jones’ Worhs of Iolo Goch,p. The second stroke of the first n of Canan- tinail is uw-200-pro carried quite to the bottom of the line, and it is possible that the scribe in making it was attempting roughly to copy the original r.

A uq-200n-pro common element in Breton and Cornish nanies: The Abbey, as our readers are probably aware, was founded by Rhys ab Tewdwr in the latte.

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If this reasoning be correct, and tlie Welsh personal nanie-system be actually traceable as far back as the time of Ca sar, tlien we are naturally led to expect that we shall find a similar system to prevail among the other branclies of the Kymric family ; for we have carried our investigations up to a point at which that family may practically be regarded as homogeneous.


The many deep trackways that lead from one group to another of these ancient abodes, and the furrows, prove that the dwellers therein were acquainted with and employed both horses and cattle as beasts of burden ; and it is not unlikely that in their hunting expeditions they were assisted by dogs, as would be implied by such a name as Carnedd y Filiast, the cairn of the greyhound-bitch.

Cair Carastauc, for C. Gwenogfryn Evans’ comparison on p. It does not appear to have been a popular name-element in primitive times, inasmuch as all the instances here given are from comparatively modern sources.

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The sense would be: Proof of the correctness of this statement abounds in all parts of Wales. So modern Welsh coincides in this point with the Ud-200n-pro and Cornish languages, whilst the older uw-20n-pro keeps up the distinction between the three series. The places where vestiges of these circular huts are found have undergone considerable changes since the days when they were inhabited, and probably the temperature of the country was then different from what it is in our days.

In its main features the Welsh name-system is of course by no means peculiarly Welsh, but rather Aryan. Cafesont is used by Sal. Having given wu-200n-pro account of the conquest and the parties to it, of which a brief summary has been given above, and the changes introduced in the old Welsh laws and customs by the Normans, he proceeds to treat of the Glamorgan of his own day, his description of which, particular as it is, will be read with the greatest interest.