Gaurav Chaudhary April 10, at 2: Is this programmer STK compatible? Gaurav Chaudhary July 15, at 8: Thanks for the reply. Gaurav Chaudhary April 8, at 1:

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No, Its not detecting as USBasp. Rahul K November 1, at 4: Anuradha Patil July 13, at 2: Retrieved from ” https: Hope you are the right person to meet.!

AT89S52 USB Starter Kit – Tutorials

Anonymous September 15, at 6: Pinaki Gupta April 30, at 4: The programmer was detected in progisp, it is reading the signature id and erasing the chip AT89S52 successfully. Anuradha Patil July 15, at 5: Gaurav Chaudhary June 22, at But error not resolved.

Asad October 26, at 9: Also I woul like to inform u that I have not used any external 5V power source. The adapter uses FTRL chip.


AT89SXX ISP Flash Programmer v1.4

Ramya Nani August 2, at 9: Gaurav Chaudhary April 16, at 9: Ramya Nani August 1, at Hello Gaurav, Thanks for providing such wonderful details about usbasp I had done this programmer ,Working well If you have any idea regarding this, please help me out. Hello Sir whenever i tried to burn the hex file main.

Have an opinion, suggestionquestion or feedback about the article let it out here! In device manager it is showing USBasp with the correct icon.

I would be glad if u edit the circuit with a connector which you used in PCB or by skiping the connector. Want to build your own robot? Anonymous August 7, at Muhammad waqas Javed June prorgammer, at Faiz October 25, at The hardware is completely ok as same hardware with different firmware IC is working for atmega Is der any way to check connection of programmer.

What is Enabled Xtal option in progisp above Auto command button and what do we have to do with config tab in the same and power on option. Yes it can program 80 at89s51 and at 89s52 both you just have to locate mosi miso sck and reset pin from the data sheet and connect those pin to programmer.


Connecting the Programker V2. Gaurav Chaudhary August 17, at Finally hit the GO button to flash the. Gaurav I cannot write into a IC, I can only read!