Max Fax Transfer Rate. Make sure your COM port is not already in use by another modem. If you do not see a description of your modem, see the Note at the end of this section. Customer assumes responsibility for the selection of the appropriate applications program and associated reference materials. The manual for the ControlCenter software can be accessed through a link within the ControlCenter interface.

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Many of the most common difficulties users experience have been addressed in the FAQ and Troubleshooting Web pages for your specific product. Software compatibility mode This setting disables the codes and displays the code instead The actual rate of the call can be viewed on the ATI6 screen Used for unusual software incompatibilities Some software may not accept12, and 14, bps or greater result codes. You can obtain the latest features by downloading updates quickly and easily.

RAM Random Access Memory is memory that is available for use when the modem is turned on, but that 5k of all information when the power is turned off. Starts playback of all new messages. It is also referred to as transmission rate. If your 3clm is slow or acting weird, it’s possible someone is stealing your signal and maybe more. The first time that you connect with your service provider, the modem will perform the full training sequence and store the information it receives.

To determine if your modem is functioning properly, try reinstalling your modem. If you are not in Classic View, switch profrssional Classic View now by clicking the selection in the upper-left corner of your screen. Click View all Control Panel Options in the upper-left corner of your screen.


USRobotics 56K Professional Message Modem – fax / modem Series

You may have a poor connection. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device. Double-click the description of the dial-up networking connection, and select Properties. The 56K Message Modem comes with specially designed application software. See the “Screen Messages” table at the end of this section for an explanation of messages that appear in response to this command.

Make sure that the description in the modem box matches the description of the modem you are using. This option only applies to connections terminated by dropping DTR. The Independent mode fax forwarding feature is controlled through the software application or remotely. ON if modem receives a DTR signal from computer. Sets the duration, in minutes, for the inactivity timer The timer activates when there is no data activity on the phone line; at time-out the modem hangs up.

USRobotics 56K Professional Message – fax / modem Overview – CNET

The profesional enhancement is the “Modem On Hold” technology, which allows your Internet connection to be suspended when there is an inbound telephone call. Communications channels using telephone channel modems are established at set bit rates, commonly,14, 28, and higher.

If you are using Dial-Up Networking, it may not be configured correctly. USRobotics warrants any replaced or repaired product or part for ninety 90 days from shipment, or the remainder of the initial warranty period, whichever is longer.


Click Goboticshighlight the description of your new modem, and click Properties.

USRobotics Support: Model – UK

If you would like to see if there are any updates to your modem’s code, go to: It is also necessary to record an Outgoing Message. The phone cord should be plugged into the jack labelled on the modem and 556k into the telephone wall jack. Click Phone and Modem Options and then click the Modems tab. The first enhancement is the “V. The format of the data, readiness to receive or send, error detection and error correction are some of the operations that may be defined in protocols.

3Com U.S. Robotics 56K Professional Message Manuals

There are several different MNP protocols, but the most commonly used one ensures error-free transmission through error detection CRC and retransmission of erred frames. If the correct password is entered, the modem will either emit a series of short beeps indicating the number of unread messages or one long beep indicating there are no messages.

This response is used only when the fax mode is selected. These factory default settings should be sufficient for most users. You will then have the option to accept the call or to ignore it.