Please suggest a suitable wi-fi-router for the existing modem. Why is Asus Routers not mentioned? Here enumerating the main differences. Now this is the router mode or the multiuser mode. Only single PC can be connected.

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All PC’s and the modem router should be connected to the switch. No more new IP version IV addresses are available for websites. A single band N type router can operate in 2. Advantages and disadvantages of Net books. You have to go for another one. I was very tempted to pick up the Apple Time Capsule -it supports the Wired broadband connections are always prone to interruption due to cable cut and other connection degradation issues.

Whenever your ADSL broadband connection fails, connectivity will be resumed automatically through the connected 3G dongle. Please try again now or at a later time. Your site is now bookmarked u300r2u all my browsers.

Main disadvantage is poor range due to the absorption by obstacles at high frequency. You can position the wireless router somewhere in a ut300g2u location of both the floors http: Results 1 to 6 of 6.

BSNL Broadband – Connecting 2 computers to the MT882 ADSL Modem

Pleas help Kunal The Chromecast requires a 2. In this article we cover ADSL modem cum home routers only.


I live in an old house with 20 inch thick walls and high ceilings 10 ft I plan ut300r2h use 2 computers set on 2 floors Ground floor and 1st floor Thank you. It has a USB interface and an Ethernet interface both of which can be simultaneously used but with a few setting changes.

Computers, Operating systems and other network components are being updated to IP version six.

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By keeping this factor in mind, router brands supply ksb configuration wizard applications to make the configuration part more simple. I am switching over from Airtel to Ysb Optic Fiber-net. Main advantage of this amendment is less interruption in the 5 Ghz band. Less secured because all the ports are open need good firewall to avoid virus infection. Hi, Thank u for your useful information. For torrents download port forwarding is not required.

Casanova has made a python script for checking dataone usage.

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Dear sujith, can you explain what is the difference between pppoe and bridge mode in simple words for non it background and please explain which mode should i select for bsnl my modem is iball wirless rejoice kottayam. This router has known to work without issues for me.


Any help is appreciated in advance. This technology is fully backward compatible with If you are not starting from the scratch, it is better to cross check the technological compatibility of wireless data cards with the router. If you are billed for time connected then you need to use bridged mode. I use local cable wire internet connection, I am looking for a router which will have nice signal for every floor and also a usb adapter for my pc, i jsb use it on my pc and also 2 mobiles,can you please suggest a router and also usb adapter??

I would prefer if there is no restriction on the 3G dongle which I use.

There are four basic type of Wireless routers. Please suggest me if yes then which is the best router cum modem.

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