The bottom of the tablet is black and designed with a flush-mount primary battery. You could tweak or warp these spots by applying little to moderate pressure to the screen frame. This deviation can be reduced by using the pen as opposed to the fingers, since the pen shows where the cursor with a small cross-hair before touching the display. Docking stations can be connected via USB 2. We found no color distortion at steep horizontal or vertical viewing angles with only reflections off the screen limiting it from reaching a full degrees. The case is robust, stable, and has a high quality appearance.

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Now it would be possible to have an almost completely silent device during eliteboko load scenarios with the addition of an SSD instead of the included hard drive. The minimum power consumption we measured coming from the AC power supply was 9.

As ever the HP Elitebook p also has a very solid well manufactured and altogether high quality casejust like its predecessor. The battery not only has to be removed to replace the battery, but also to gain access to tabler SIM card shaft beneath it.

It covers more or less the whole width of the case, and thanks to this offers normal srceen keys. Outdoor View is an option available only with both Digitizer and Multi-touch that provides enhanced viewing: The tested model profits particularly thanks to the wireless features including UMTS.

Up to bit per pixel color depth DisplayPort scdeen resolutions up to xbit color depth at 60 Hz, and full HD x monitors, bit color depth at Hz VGA port supports resolutions up to x at 75 Hz, and lower resolutions scree up to Hz.


HP just updated the aging EliteBook p, replacing it with the EliteBook p that includes upgrades to the latest Core i5 and i7 sfreen. Memory bus runs at a maximum of MHz. Otherwise the keys offer a short travel, a well defined pressure point, and a pleasing end stop sound. System Noise The system noise is constantly noticeablebut generally far from being annoying. In our case at least the display doesn’t hold in place very well when rested on a moving surface, and shifted depending on the intensity of the movement.

HP EliteBook p Review

Height varies depending upon where on the tablet the measurement is made. This deviation can be reduced by using the pen as opposed to the fingers, since the pen shows where the cursor with a small cross-hair before touching the display.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero.

With the target market being primarily businesses, the speakers would be more than adequate for VOIP purposes or occasionally listening to toucy or streaming video. Battery with a capacity of 39 Wh.

Keyboard flex is nonexistent indicating excellent support underneath. Users looking to connect to a wide array of peripherals will enjoy the docking connector included on the system, which even passes through the extended slice battery. Switches made of metal improve the general high quality impression. The base is mildly rubbery and very grippy. If I had to eliebook, it would be that it was done for weight concerns.


In this case the Classic test should also be a possible cause of this result, since it is far less taxing than the Prime and Furmark tests. The manufacturing quality is very good. The most prominent reason for not buying this notebook for most users will likely be the high price.

Review HP EliteBook 2740p Notebook

Sensitivity was great out of the box without tweaking necessary. Signs of use are not very noticeable.

The primary components are under the large panel. HP normally equips the Elitebook p with a 44 Wh strong 6-cell battery, which according to the manufacturer should have run times of up to 6.

From a purely mathematical perspective, the battery life with respect to the battery capacity indicates a power consumption of 6. With Open GL shading in Cinebench R10 gives a score of points, while giving a score of points in 3D Mark ’06, and no result at all with 3D Mark Vantage since this repeatedly always crashed at the same stage of the benchmark.

HP EliteBook p ” Intel Core I7 Touch Screen | eBay

After a full pen calibration we found some drifting depending on the location on the screen, with a max offset of probably mm. Accessories Docking stations can be connected via USB 2.

Processor speed denotes maximum performance mode; processors will run at lower speeds in battery optimization mode.