El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio. Also See for G32 User manual – 48 pages. To Manage Your Sim Card Should your Ericsson Product need warranty service, you should return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased or con- tact your local Ericsson helpdesk for further information. These dialing sequences may vary depending on yournetwork operator.

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Only these, approved-by-Ericsson, acces- sories will guarantee the quality and performance of the FWT. Slide the FWT downwards.

The G3x series FWT benefits from a wide range of dwt, which ensure the best and easiest way to install, serve and maintain the FWT, enhancing their functionality. Type in your PIN and then click on the Submit button.


Table of contents User Guide Via an analog Modem: Click on the OK button. Then click on the Submit button. With the Connection Name screen displayed, type the name of your 8. Page 73 Personal medical devicesRadio waves may affect the operation of cardiac pacemakers and otherimplanted equipment.


Ericsson G36 User Manual | 84 pages | Also for: G32

The following screen will be displayed: The SIM card contains information about your telephonenumber and the services included in f32 subscription. Ringing Signals Ringing signal used for regular incoming voice call.

Agregar a Lista de favoritos Eliminar de Lista de favoritos. BatteryThe FWT can be installed with a backup battery: Once youhave completed all the required information, fet on the Next button.

Audible TonesThe FWT generates audible tones in your telephone set, thus providingthe same service characteristics as the one given by the traditional fixedline network.

Ericsson G32 User Manual

Don’t v32 an account? Mechanical Antitheft Lock Page 32 Alternatively, use the Web interface. For maximum battery capacity, use the battery in roomtemperature.

Page 82 Fixed Wireless Terminal: The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice dueto continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing. Use of unauthorized antennas, modifications,or attachments could damage the FWT and may violate the appropriate regulations, causing loss of performance and radio frequency RF energy above the recommended limits.


Page 13 Now you have prepared the FWT for wall installation. Fix the wall-mounting bracket on the wall. Alternatively, use the Web interface.

Please refer to the topic Accessories documented on page 68 for more detailed information, Fixed Wireless Terminal: Sending Tone Signals Dial Simultaneously flashingAlarm statusDo this This is notusually necessary, as most faxes automatically send the CNGtone so that the fax call is made automatically by the FWT. Ericsson shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document. Quick Guide and User Guide manuals.

Youcan check this using Start: Only Certified Service Centers should perform service. Fwt Interfaces Ring Load: