Fundamental to this ambition, ScanSnap would need to have an easy to learn and no nonsense bundle and interface software to keep the scanning process painless. January 19, at Any luck out there? Unfortunately, we got this one and then moved to a new office and lost the disc with the software. I still see more of these Fujitsu scanners in offices than any other model. We will call them and try to find out.

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I bought this scanner when I still svansnap a Windows PC. Aloha and Happy New Year! Can u tell me what an average file size of a single sided scan is? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

To TWAIN or not to TWAIN – ScanSnap Community

I design software for municipalities and had planned to distribute this as part of my package My software currently uses several other brands of scanner, but the Fujitsu looked very appealing because of it speed My software scans directly into my program which files using my own method usually by parcel IDand provides a thumbnail. December 31, at 4: As a compute programmer of over tdain years — I can tell you the truth.

The S is a very likable scanner at a time when small businesses and law offices are scanning everything they see. It is a small comfort to know we are not the only ones suffering their site. But if they had of looked at the specs for TWAIN I am sure they would have found there are instructions on how to set up your drivers to look for a button push — just like they did with their non-industry standard, home brewed software.


Country Selector Global Change. This all makes my blood boil. December 5, at The ScanSnap Si is the smallest multi-page, duplex capable ScanSnap for scanning on the road or at the desk. Or a way to make one spend a ton more on their models that do. Skip to main content. Learn how your comment data is processed. Without a twain or WAI driver this scanner is worthless to me.

I reasoned that the hardware was already there, it ought to have been possible to offer a TWAIN option in parallel with the proprietary interface. December 7, at AC adapter also provided. It was during this time that Fujitsu took a careful look at the world of imaging outside the industry and began to conceptualise a consumer level scanner that would provide the features necessary to bring the virtues of scanning, already realized by businesses, into the home or small-office. And yes sometimes I do need to use the big multifunction machine in the other room.

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I have been using a Xerox MFP — awesome unit. The scan quality is second to none. It might just be a software update. Occasionally I do want to scan in fuujitsu photograph to include it in a document, and my graphics application needs a TWAIN driver.


ScanSnap Software Downloads

Though most ScanSnap adopters appreciate how easy it is to use ScanSnap to scan their paperwork and become more organized, few throw fujitus the hood to understand all the things working behind the scenes that make this scanner so easy to use.

I want to be able to fjuitsu my scan document not to just my email, but to the clients file on the computer in TAM. Any luck out there? June 14, at Perhaps the best way to explain all this is to step back a decade before ScanSnap started rolling off the assembly line.

It was a nightmare — poorly organized pages, and a hellish experience that required filling in forms with the indecipherable serial number from the scanner and waiting for an email with a download link. This is how traditional Fujitsu scanners are commonly used to scan pharmacy prescriptions, supplier invoices, and healthcare admission forms to name just a few.

The tip is below; let me give you some background about it. Hi Bruce, very good input, thanks.

Again — love the scanner — hate the software.