The version dated works for me. Linux Power User Bundle. Bringing old hardware back to life. I’m using a wire actually. I then had a new issue, I was locked in the login loop The guest user desktop was working fine.

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I, or any one of the kernel team are there and can give more information. Email Required, but never shown.

So it’s is impossible to connect to hidden network, but hidden network is working fine. Fn-F1 correctly suspends to disk. Here is a description of some components which required some configuration, or which I have not yet gotten to work.

GNU/Linux on a Dell Inspiron 1525

The script will then build a custom kernel for you. Isn’t it covered by “Hardware Drivers”. If the driver fails to compile, then try an earlier snapshot. Hi Jj, I’ve posted the Terminal report regarding the wifi card.

AR Wireless Network Adapter rev Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. My system has the following components: When attempting to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, the following happens: As soon as I did that, this worked.


Most components and wofi work out of the box. Fn-F3 is presumably meant to suspend to RAM, but this doesn’t seem to work. I was recently in an environment where I know there was a hidden SSID that I had access to name and pwd and was unable to get a connection whereas my work laptop Windows was able to access the wireless.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention that it still doesn’t work. Retief de Villiers retief-devilliers on Please reopen if this is still 15525 issue in ubkntu current Ubuntu development release http: I will recheck this on Lucid later today.

Also, I tried the Windows Key thing. ArchBang, Google Android 2. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

If you feel like donating to future development, and suggest how that donation is used by the community, it’s all here! Email me about changes to this bug report. Comment on this change optional.

I haven’t yet tried troubleshooting these problems. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.


[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron wifi issue, Broadcom BCM

About problems due to upgrading. Very interestingly, the computer won’t shut down when only the bcmwl-kernel-source is installed I assume this is not a software or a driver, but I don’t really know how to explain otherwise. I am a complete novice at computers.

The other five special buttons I haven’t tested yet.

Please let me know if you know how to get suspend working properly. So I lost my security to fix the issue. Bug attachments Includes the required uname, cat, dmesg and lspci logs edit Add attachment. This is, in my opinion, pretty ubunut.