Post 5 of The soundstage retained its great depth and width, but that is commonplace with my mid-field listening position and the speakers aligned five feet in front of a very long wall. To further substantiate these perceptions I disconnected the Tekton monitors, raised the crossover on the subs to about Hz and cranked the volume up. When the focus gets this good, it allows the brain to relax and enjoy the performance. Unable to locate the external crossovers for this combination due to Christmas decoration projects, I ran the monitors full-range maybe 50 Hz to 12 kHz and set the subwoofer crossover at about 60 Hz. Copyright belongs with their original publishers.

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Calyx 24/ DAC Review

I’ll come to that in a moment. Dynamics were also improved somewhat but not to an extent that it drew my attention away from the music. No, create an account now. I’m considering that calyz the calyx on audiogon.

Contributing to its sleek styling is the total absence of any controls, buttons or any ornamentation on the top and side panels of the unit. If you want optimum sound from a computer, cwlyx outboard DAC is essential. NB No part or portion of this article may be reproduced or quoted without written permission.

Operationally it was flawless. The design was therefore tweaked to work with the very ubiquitous copper cables and existing inputs that look like mini display port connectors.

The Onda System cables were the most transparent, most focused and most dynamic interconnects I’ve had in my system.


Review: Calyx DAC 24/192

This improvement was heard in the areas of the soundstage, which widened, gained depth and height, as well as the tonal palete being richer too.

Do you already have an account? I’m not sure what might have been causing that.

I found as you did that it sounded very “flat” and not very musical. This implementation results in better dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. I should also say that the Calyx can take power via its USB input, but my gut feeling though I did not compare this option is that the outboard PSU will provide better sound quality and the USB option is really just for convenience.

It was easy to pick up on the greater resolution which yielded greater timbre to drum skins and cymbals alike. Post 28 of There have been some comments in other reviews re the inferiority of the Calyx as valyx DAC to be used with CD Red Book transports but I certainly did not feel short changed by it, listening to music from this format, though it was not as good as the Deltec 24/19 or my Moon Andromeda this is sort of to be expected as callyx is cheaper than both of those sources.

It also gave better dynamics and a more defined leading edge to the notes. Copyright belongs with their original publishers.

Hope to see you at a meet soon. Vac 18 of To further encourage manufacturers to adopt this new interface, Intel is now building Thunderbolt into future motherboard chipsets. Over the past couple of decades, I saw history repeating itself with South Korean companies.


The bass was solid and the room tone present in live recordings contributed to the sense of reality. Tracks of String Quartet were similarly convincing, as was solo Piano tracks. With the wall wart, transparency did not make gains that were as impressive as the increase in focus.

The IEC connector allowed me to use more serious power cords and this allowed the opportunity for additional tuning. However regardless of which cables were used the essentially leaner and forward nature of this DAC was preserved.

Paul Candy Financial Interests: Also, even though the calyx could be powered solely by USB, it does have the option for external power, did you not consider the lmitations of powering solely through USB as opposed to this? What this requires the SPDIF receiver to do is to separate all these different data streams and then convert the signal to I2S where the various signals travel separately 24/1922 feeding the data to the digital to analog conversion circuitry. Post 4 of The footers contact the bottom of the DAC, which I noticed was the only removable side of the chassis and probably the thinnest.