Another important point is that the MySQL driver uses relative data. It is used in any error messages BIND displays while parsing its config file. This query is used by allowzonexfr in the MySQL driver. Lastly, do not include any spaces between the parameter name, the equal sign, and the value you wish to pass. I try to start the service and it fails with no errors.

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The double quote closes the command line string that was started on the second line. ISCa non-profit c 3 public-benefit Apr Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The driver then appends a space to the end of the string and continues to the next field. Filesystem —with-dlz-filesystem Features disabled or unavailable on this platform: Can you provide the compile flags and any parameters that you used when executing the configure and make commands?

To summarize, the allnodes query MUST have at least 4 fields in the result set, and those fields must be ttl, type, host and data. If your lookup query will be returning TXT dns records be sure to wrap your TXT data with double quotes before returning the data. NS1 is not a fully qualified domain name. Want to extend the filesystem to another datastore by a fellow student.


The MySQL client libraries and header files are required to build the driver and are not included in this package. Instead of imposing a database schema, the driver accepts SQL queries with a few special tokens as parameters. This tells BIND that the domain name is absolute, and not to be used relative to our zone of “example. Results returned by the findzone query are not really used so what you return and in what order doesn’t really matter.

The first field in the result set MUST be the ttl. The word “mysql” is located at argv[0]. Next is “ttl” or time to live, field 1 in our chart.

domain name system – Configure BIND with database backend and DLZ support – Server Fault

This query is used by allowzonexfr in the MySQL bimd. X system using MySQL to store records. Notice the data type column. The field returned by your result set should be just a hostname or IP address for reverse DNS queries.

Skip to content Home Blog About Contact. Please try dpz and let dzl know how it turns out. Note that I replicate data from another table but you can just as well enter any values manually. I was also investigating this issue recently, and here’s my conclusions: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


The next section “Mysql zone” is the label for this configuration segment. Notice there are no characters or spaces between the brackets.

Double quotes could not be used, as the entire DLZ command line is already inside of double quotes and the escaping would be nasty. If the result set for a lookup or authority query has three fields, the driver will not use any default values.

If compiling on a 64 bit system, you might have to setup binr variables so that the appropriate mysql libraries are found: Also notice the double quote and semi-colon at the end of the line.

Bind-DLZ with MySQL

The last parameter is “data”. This lets allowzonexfr determine if the zone is supported by the database, before it attempts to determine if a zone transfer is allowed on the zone by the client. Even if BIND is compiled to support threads passing “-n 1” on the command line will cause it to use a single myysql.