Sounds great but lacks vision. The Shaders are clocked twice as fast as the Central Unit. If it were me I would go for the XXT all the way. A lot of people really do not understand what DirectX is. Review 2 – http: Please Log In to post. This card is sure to be popular amongst performance enthusiasts.

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But the XXT is significantly faster than it and cost less. I can pick either one of them up here in the Netherlands for EUR. It affects all series cards. So I think if you hest afford a DX10 card by it, but if you can’t, by a 7 series card. Future Proof My PC. The Central Unit is clocked at MHz. What will it take for you people to learn!!

It replaced the GoGTX. The card offers excellent performance with a single slot design, at a very aggressive price point. This is undoubtedly the fastest mid-range card I have ever 7900gt staying with or bettering the GTX in the benchmarks used in this preview. If you want a great DX9. The NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series graphics processing units GPUs represent a significant leap forward in 3D graphics design, delivering the unparalleled horsepower and revolutionary technologies you need to tackle the latest games and video applications.


In fact, we love it so much we think it deserves our Editor’s Choice Award! You want to know why?

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From what we’ve seen, it looks to overclock really well too! The review to the sound does sum it up nicely ATI’s bdst chips use the same 90nm process, but they have more features and are thus larger, which explains their higher costs. It performs very well and doesn’t have a divorce inducing price tag. Clearly they can see the difference between the GT and GTX on this review, but no one knows what improvement the GT would have today with today’s drivers and games over the cards many people are still using such as the XXL or GT.

Gaming is phenomenal; there’s not a notebook on the market that is as bewt as this one at the moment.

And havnt you learned by now all the hype around hardware and software every single time?? As a result, the GeForce GT exhibits a 4. I just want to know if this card is any good for gaming and which ones around it may 7900gf better Yours truly expected more performance.


It depends on your budget and how picky you are on framerates and graphics. NO pro tho please as it requires ne power supply and more space.

Reviews & Editorials

DX10 will require more power to run. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

SO many mixed reviews im not sure 7900ggt stick with my gs or splurge and try and find a x xt somewhere. It’s important to know if the GT offers enough gain for such users over their current cards, or whether they should step all the way up to the GTX. A lot of people really do not understand what DirectX is. KorJax Follow Forum Posts: All I can tell you is that I love 79900gt much cheaper GS, and it runs games nicely.

Toshiba Satellite PS “The moral: Frames-per-dollar bst, this card and all of Nvidia’s most recent graphics chips have a problem: The is just a joke and wont run anything DX9 or DX10! However, the overall memory performance is about the same.