After you install that stuff, you will need to make sure you ahve the windows drivers in a folder. My last week at work, he asks about the “updates”, so I said sure might as well get them done while we are working together Working on Ubuntu 7. Well, I will be right back at this again tomorrow. Visit the Trac open source project at http:

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No 11n, but works out of the box. If it’s an atheros wifi card, it won’t work without extra configuring – strangely, it worked in beta version, but a change was made s during RC version and I’ve only been able to ar5bxn6 it work with ndiswrapper.

I got home, work, gfs house and friends house wireless networks saved for when i go to the specific places.

Prev 1 2 Arr5bxb6 Page 1 of 2. If you get information about an intel wireless card, then that’s why the broadcom drivers won’t work.

Can I fix them on the enclosure? Any half height cards that will play nice in Snow Leo? Here, check this guys ebay store.


Atheros AR5BXB6

Ah, Debian was one of them that ws included, so I’ll try that, thanks very much! You will need to install ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils. Thanks for the help guys! Crash because default kernel limit stack to 4k. If it takes a few days to get it working, it may just be that the wi-fi device in your laptop has no Linux drivers, in which case getting it to work might be tough.

Posted October 7, However, some users have reported success, but could not confirm this. They sell them on ebay:. Posted October 10, Wireless should just work these days, I shouldn’t have to dig through hundreds of pages of topics and possible fixes, and mash in hundreds of commands into a terminal.

Apple AR5BXB6 – WikiDevi

No, for the most of these cards there isn’t much hope. Or am I xr5bxb6 speaking non-sence? This project is no longer active. Go to Applications-Accessories-Terminal and enter the following lspci ifconfig Please copy the outputs for each command in turn linxu highlighting the output with the mouse, then press Ctrl-Shift-C to ar5nxb6 and Ctrl-V to paste here in a new post.

That works perfectly I’m running Slackware 12 on Acer wlmi. Maybe I’m just crazy After you install that stuff, you will need to make sure you ahve the windows drivers in a folder. After installing either driver, run sudo iwlists scan to make sure it works. Didn’t try madwifi driver provided by Ubuntu restricted-modules. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.


Posted October 15, So if you find any please post so the list can be updated! Is there a chance this will be fixed with the release of 8. Or sign in with one of these services. I have the same laptop, simple fix, hook ar5bxg6 to a wired connection and it will detect your “restricted drivers” and from there you install them and BAM it works: Sign In Sign Up.

Ex that I’m trying to get working for Linux. See this page for how to get it going:.