The headcover is a bit of a throwback in its design. The ball flight was a hair lower than with some of the other hybrid I have used, but that was a welcomed change because on occasion I have found that the hybrids can balloon. Essentially, these clubs are long, forgiving and visually appealing. The USGA limit for spring-like effect is , and this is near the limit at Box Jackson, WY The LS hybrid face sits neutral or slightly open, that would explain why you are hitting all your shots to the right. This was likely done to give the clubhead a sleek transition from the sole slot to the back of the clubhead.

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They have borrowed some of the technology that TaylorMade has with the white matte ghosting and incorporated that into their already successful hybrids.

Adams Golf Idea Super Ls Xtd – 15* Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club

Published 4 years ago on Apr 2, Both are excellent clubs and worth an investigation; my suggestion is to hit the heck out of them until you determine which you prefer. The feel at impact, a stable, neutral-to-slight-draw shot shape, and good distance was exactly what I was hoping to see.

Videos 1 week ago. The sound of the clubhead was quiet and very pleasant. The XR and XR Pro are also exceptionally well-rounded, with pleasing looks, feel and performance from the tee, fairway and rough. First, I assessed the dispersion of the shots. For people who might only look at the number associated with the club i. Learn how your comment data is processed.


In the white portion the loft of the club is denoted, as well as the letters XTD. You should grab a hold of an Adams hybrid the ctd time you go shopping; if it fits your adamz, take it out for a rip or two.

Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Equipment 1 week ago. Published 4 years ago on Mar 6, The standard graphite shaft installed in the club is mostly grey in color, but as you move up the shaft, the shaft color switches to grey and it is adorned with small and large white and black squares to create a collage affect on the xtf.

They also have a 2-degree flatter lie angle and a 1-degree more upright face angle that will please golfers who have struggled with the hybrid hooks in the past. A new sole zdams increases the overall hotness of the face. We found the AeroBurner hybrid above to be slightly more forgiving than the R15 hybrid.

2013 Adams Golf Idea Super LS Hybrid Review

These S and LS hybrids vary quite a bit, giving golfers two distinct hybrid options. Thanks for your input.

I found the club to be equally good from tight lies, off a tee and out of the rough. Maximum adjustability allows for customized face angle, length and swing weight for maximum performance.

Esthetics When picking up the Adams Acams LS hybrid for the first time the first thing you will notice is the comfortable feel that the club has. If you searched for discount golfadajs swinggolf fitnessSun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cartor junior golf clubsyou’re on the right site.


Callaway Forged Wedges Review. This is rarely important to me, wdams my game and the touring pros are so far apart, but to some tour validation is important and the Super LS has that.

The R15 hybrid has a 3-degree adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to dial in launch, spin rate and trajectory bias. This was likely done to give the clubhead a sleek transition from the sole slot to the back of the clubhead.

Engraved in the black portion is the words hybrid. In their advertising Adams claims that the Super LS is used not only by average golfers but also by golfer playing on Tour.

The first piece of important technology for which many other golf manufacturers has adopted is the sole slot. For the higher handicap golfers they may prefer the Super S hybrid which is designed to help the golfer get the ball airborne easier.

The LS hybrid face sits neutral or slightly open, that would explain why you are hitting all your shots to the right.

Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80 Grip: The grooves have been painted white, but not a bright contrasting white, a much more muted grey color in the grooves.

In this case, the R15 was more consistent than any of the 3 clubs in every category except spin and peak height, where the AeroBurner was slightly more consistent.